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Worst Idea Ever by strawmancomics Worst Idea Ever by strawmancomics
At the last minute last night I thought it would be funny to have the Comic Book Guy critique my own artwork. So I had him read a comic book with the Simpsons/X-men mashup that I had just drawn.… My original concept for the X-men/Simpsons mashup was to have Bart dressed as Wolverine playing the Simpsons Arcade game with Wolverine dressed up as Bart playing the X-men game. I tried imagining what it would look like and I didn't think I could convincingly pull it off. So I settled for doing the X-men #1 cover homage. I felt it was a bit of a cheat to do another cover homage so I wanted to find some clever way to integrate the artwork into a bigger idea. I got to thinking that more than likely the internet will nit pick every detail of the drawing. (Like "Why isn't Maggie floating on ice behind Homer?" or "What happened to Jean Grey and Professor X. There's enough Simpsons characters to to fill out the entire fold out cover from X-men #1" etc.) So then I thought I could beat them to the punch and do the nitpicking for them using Comic Book Guy as my voice. As I thought about it further I realized it needed to be something punchy, short and sweet to sell the idea. So I came up with "Worst Comic Homage Ever" then changed it to "Worst Comicbook Ever". That still didn't set right so I finally settled of "Worst Idea Ever" because the internet would more than likely think the idea of critiquing your own work as terrible.
paintmarvels Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! another master piece!!!
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